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Live at Uncommon Ground

by Phil Circle

Released 2018
Guilt by Association Records
Released 2018
Guilt by Association Records
Chicago music in all its acoustic splendor, Phil Circle mixes progressive blues with alt folk rock in this solo rendition of many of his most popular songs and a couple that have never been released. Rich rocking tenor/baritone, virtuosic guitar playing.
in 2018, Chicago Music Guide described Phil Circle this way:
"What makes Circle one of the few ‘professional indie musicians’ (where the phrase isn’t an oxymoron) is not only his tenacity, but his inherent fluidity with performing, and a zen-like understanding of what it means to be a songwriter."
Veteran Chicago songwriter Phil Circle has been playing this local establishment, Uncommon Ground, since they opened in 1991. Since then, they've become one of the city's premier songwriter venues. On October 28th, 2018, he played this live set as part of a bill with touring Scottish artist Dave Arcari. After collecting live recordings for a couple years, Circle's plans for a live album were put on hold as his book "The Outback Musician's Survival Guide" gained momentum, and an award. He kept playing shows, but stopped recording them. Then an audience member grabbed this entire set through a live stream and this impromptu live album was born. Much like his 2003 release with violinist Ruby Harris, it was a casual listen for notes on how the show went that led someone to say, "This could be an album." So, here it is officially: Phil Circle: Live at Uncommon Ground.
It's shows like this that led Center Stage Chicago to say "Phil Circle's prolific songwriting and powerful live performance make him a staple of Chicago music." You'll also hear why In The Mix said (of Circle's 1997 debut CD) that his music "defies rock, blues and jazz" and is "from the master class."